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Dr. Teresa Woodruff Named to the National Academy of Inventors

Congratulations to Dr. Teresa Woodruff, the Director of the Oncofertility Consortium and the Dean of the Graduate School at Northwestern University for her most recent award. Dr. Woodruff was named to the National Academy of Inventors for her many patents and her creation of the field of oncofertility. 

Dr. Woodruff coined the term “oncofertility” in 2006 and invented clinical practice management strategies that merged two fields: oncology and fertility. Oncofertility is now a recognized field of medicine and provides reproductive options for young cancer patients around the globe. She has 11 issued patents related to her reproductive research, including for a novel method to connect reproductive tissues in a microfluidic device and a method to increase the fertilization potential of cells in the ovary.

Congratulations to Dr. Woodruff on this incredible accomplishment! 

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