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More About the Oncofertility Summer Research Internships

The Office of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Partnerships in the School of Education (OSEP) at NU is excited that a second high school biology teacher, David Bain, from Grayslake North High School in Illinois, will also be participating in the Onco internships. We look forward to seeing what kinds of real-world activities the teachers will come up with to take back to the classroom. Just as the teachers and college students will get research mentoring, the students will also benefit professionally from working side-by-side with the teachers. Among the first stimulus dollars Northwestern is getting from the National Cancer Institute, the money allows Northwestern to pursue two important goals: bring relevant lab activities to teachers around the country and bring girls through the pipeline toward careers in science. “It’s great to be able to use stimulus funding to provide four full-time paid summer positions at a time when any summer employment is difficult to find. We suspect that one day these young women will be engaged in careers in science and will look back at their summer positions as instrumental in launching them on a path to success,” said Kemi Jona, director of OSEP.

Click here to see the press release at NORTHWESTERN NEWS:

Click here to see another blog post about the internships: http://blog.oncofertility.msu.edu/2009/06/northwestern-stimulus-funding/

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