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New Educational Tool from CCHMC

We are thrilled to share a new educational tool created by our colleagues at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center!  Please view the video and read about their program below! 

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At Cincinnati Children’s, we believe that fertility is an important aspect of medical care for all patients throughout their lifetime, including childhood and adolescence.

The goal of the Comprehensive Fertility Care & Preservation Program (CFCPP) is to meet with patients whose medical condition or treatment regimens place them at risk for fertility complications, now or in the future. By educating patients and families early about the fertility risks of their diagnosis and treatments, we can help determine if fertility preservation is an option and support them in making a decision.  For males, we offer sperm banking, a standard of care method of fertility preservation in pubertal males. We also offer testicular tissue cryopreservation under an IRB-approved protocol for pre-pubertal males and those not able to undergo sperm banking.  For females, we offer oocyte and embryo freezing for patients who have gone through puberty.  Younger patients, and those not able to undergo oocyte or embryo freezing, may choose ovarian tissue cryopreservation which is also available under an IRB-approved protocol.  Ovarian transposition is also available for all age groups.  

Our team is committed to increasing awareness about the risks to fertility and the advances in the field of fertility preservation.  We are dedicated to helping our patients and families understand the risks, benefits, known success rates, and science behind each option. Through an innovative relationship with the University of Cincinnati’s Live Well Collaborative, we have created helpful fertility preservation videos for our patients and families. We are pleased to share the first, in a series of videos, with you and hope it will serve as a resource within your institution as well. Please take a moment to watch the video above and share with your team, patients, and families.

We are proud to be nationally recognized as a leader in patient and family education and are excited about this opportunity to promote the role of fertility care and preservation.  To learn more about our program, our team or to access any of our available resources, please contact 513-636-7781 or fertilityconsult@cchmc.org.

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