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New Publication on Adoption Attitudes among Cancer Survivors

In January, 2017, Jessica R. Gorman from Oregon State University and colleagues published a study in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship comparing adoption considerations between female young adult cancer survivors and women of the same age in the general population. This study found that among cancer survivors, 81.6% said that they would consider adoption compared to 40.3% of women in the general population. In addition, cancer survivors were asked what their concerns were about adoption, and 48% said their desire for biological children was a concern compared to 67% of women in the general population. Additional concerns among cancer survivors included expense of adoption (45%), concern about not being perceived as a good candidate by an adoption agency (41%), and not having enough information about the adoption process (39%). This study concluded that cancer survivor’s interest in adoption was twice as high compared to women in the general population and that cancer survivors may need guidance in navigating the adoption process. 

Author: Kendra Frome, BS, graduate student in the genetic counseling program at Northwesterm University

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