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Oncofertility Consortium-Scientific Help Agreement for Research Endeavors (OC-SHAREs) Program

The Oncofertility Consortium (OC) is committed to exploring and expanding reproductive options for those who face fertility threatening conditions and/or medical treatments.  To this end, the OC has created several resources, available through the OC-Scientific Help Agreement for Research Endeavors or OC-SHAREs program, to help the scientific community carry out basic research in support of this mission.

Currently there are three resources available to OC collaborators through OC-SHAREs: 1) access to the NPC Human Research Tissue Repository, 2) use of the Stadie Riggs Tissue Slicer, and 3) request for Follicle Culture Kits.

Learn more about the OC SHAREs Program, and submit a request through an online preliminary application.


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