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Oncofertility Decision Tools

The Oncofertility Consortium has created a Decision Tool Web Portal for health care providers who care for patients diagnosed with malignant and non-malignant conditions which may impair fertility (or treatment may impair fertility).

Decision Tools are designed to enable oncofertility stakeholders to take action. They provide information to help health care providers guide patients through their fertility preservation options and help them make the best decision based on their treatment, lifestyle, values, and future fertility goals. We collected existing decision tools from oncofertility stakeholders around the globe and organized them in one easy-to-access web portal. Each decision tool links to the tool itself, the original research article or book chapter (if applicable), a description of the patient population the tool targets (e.g. adolescents), and a short summary of how health care providers can use the tool in clinical practice.

Please check out our brand new Decision Tool Web Portal and find a tool that YOU can use to help discuss fertility preservation options with your patients. We would appreciate your feedback (leave a comment below).

Do you use fertility preservation decision tools or aids in your practice that are not currently accessible through the Decision Tool Web Portal? Email the Oncofertility Consortium at oncofertility@northwestern.edu if you would like your decision tool/aid to be included!





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