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Reprotopia – Reproductive Knowledge for Lifelong Learners


Have you struggled with how to teach your children or students about reproductive health and puberty? Do you have questions about fertility or menopause? Reprotopia is an online resource that offers a wide range of free, scientifically accurate educational tools for people of all ages, “From K to Gray.”

The “New You, That’s Who” video series offers an entertaining take on reproductive education for children ages 10-14. The basics of anatomy, menstruation, and puberty are covered in animated, musical videos with a companion coloring book that can be downloaded in PDF format.

Reprotopia also links to the Repropedia, a searchable encyclopedia of reproductive terms curated by reproductive scientists and clinicians. This free resource offers medically accurate, simple definitions for a wide range of reproductive topics. With over 500 entries, from adrenal gland to zygote, chances are you’ll find what you are looking for. Still have questions? Submit them through Repropedia’s “Ask an Expert” tab and receive an answer from a clinician or scientist within a week!

Reprotopia also links to MyOncofertility, a comprehensive website with information about the effect of certain diseases and treatments—such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer—on reproductive health and fertility. The site is organized to provide patients, parents, partners, and providers with information about cancer-related infertility and options for preserving fertility, using videos, animations, printable resources, and links to other online resources.

Want to know more? Check out the free massive open online course—or MOOC— Introduction to Reproduction brought to you by Coursera. Dr. Teresa Woodruff provides a “crash course to reproductive health,” geared toward college students and adult learners.

Visit Reprotopia today to explore the wide range of resources for everyone—from “K to Gray.”

This blog was written by one of the Consortium's summer interns, Anne Marie Falk. Anne Marie Falk is a graduate student in Northwestern University’s Healthcare Communications program.  She has a background in psychology and massage therapy and a knack for helping others better understand their own bodies.  Translating biomedical information to plain language, teaching simple action steps, and providing hope and empowerment to people of all ages and stages of wellness are her passion.

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