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Guest Blog: Building and Evaluating an Interdisciplinary Team in Oncofertility

Members of the Oncofertility team were invited to guest post on the NIH Team Science Toolkit blog and we are happy to announce that the blog was just posted. Read the beginning of the blog below.


Over the past decade, federal funding has played a key role in encouraging the advancement of interdisciplinary team science.  The 2007 Roadmap for Medical Research Initiative, which was created by the National Institutes of Health, is one such example.  The Initiative was designed to bring diverse experts together to solve extremely challenging public health problems, from obesity to mental illness. The Initiative launched a number of programs, including the Oncofertility Consortium (oncofertility.msu.edu). The Consortium is an interdisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians created with the goal to expand the reproductive future of young cancer survivors through advanced research and improved clinical care. Given that 10% of cancer patients are diagnosed during or before their reproductive years and that survivorship rates exceed 80%, fertility is a significant survivorship consideration for the 135,000 patients under age 45 who are diagnosed each year and for their families. The subfield of oncofertility (at the intersection of oncology and reproductive medicine) was launched with federal financial support, and the participation of scientists, clinicians, social scientists, humanities scholars, and others to address this issue…Read the rest of this blog on the Team Science Toolkit blog.

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