Welcome to the Social Science and Humanities Projects

An important aim of the Oncofertility Consortium is to build a new interdisciplinary field at the intersection of oncology and reproductive medicine. The creation of this new discipline and the eventual translation of its findings to the clinical setting raise significant issues regarding the social, ethical, and legal implications for patients with cancer and other serious diseases. Social science-based research is vital to understanding cancer patients’ concerns regarding fertility, and how patients, their families, and physicians make fertility-related healthcare decisions at the time of diagnosis.

Waiting to be Born: The Ethical and Legal Implications of the Generation from Frozen and Stored Pre-pubertal Ovarian Tissue

Understanding the ethical and legal considerations and implications associated with emerging oncofertility technologies

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Assessing the Benefits and Costs of Oncofertility Treatment

Evaluating the economic factors, decision-making rules, and risk-benefit analyses of accessing fertility conserving options when the outcomes are not known

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A Shared Decision-Making Model: Informed Choice and Oncofertility Treatments

Examining how families facing pediatric cancer communicate and assess information in making treatment decisions

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The Patient-Physician Interface: How Breast Cancer Patients Navigate Fertility Concerns and Treatment Decision

Assessing how adult women diagnosed with cancer and their doctors discuss issues regarding fertility and make treatment choices, and how fertility impacts women’s lives after cancer

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Developing a Health-Related Quality of Life Instrument for Adolescent Who Are Pursuing Fertility Preservation

Identifying the fertility-related concerns of female adolescent cancer patients who have completed or are about to complete treatment

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Understanding Psychological Adjustment and Decision Making in Advanced Cancer

Providing a foundation to understand processing and decision making in new cancer when a single immediate decision about oncofertility must be made

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