Brigid Martz Smith

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This Sunday, June 7th, is National Cancer Survivors Day.  It is a CELEBRATION for those who have survived, an INSPIRATION for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of SUPPORT for families, and an OUTREACH to the community.  

We hope that everyone who has been touched by cancer is able to connect with others to celebrate those who have survived and support those who are grieving.  This day brings attention to not only the need for further research and funding to treat and cure cancer but also to the specific issues faced by the growing population of cancer survivors worldwide.




luntas ilmu

i hope in the world less people cancer .. thanks

Dennyelle Von Bargen

For the last 23 years I have been in reemission and even though I remember always being in the hospital and not knowing what was going on at the time, I have to say I know as the years keep going on I am thankful for CHOC Hospital and the staff for helping me survive. Have to Thank My Brother (2) at the time for saving my life thur going thur bone marrow taps for me. Thanks bubba love you.


a gathering of SUPPORT for families, and an OUTREACH to the community.

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