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A Message from RESOLVE: New Hampshire Fertility Advocacy

By Kate Weldon LeBlanc

photo of New Hampshire Capitol buildingRESOLVE New England is actively involved in advocating for insurance legislation in New Hampshire, in partnership with patients, advocates, and providers. The bill, SB 279, would provide group insurance coverage for the diagnosis of infertility, fertility treatment and fertility preservation in New Hampshire. Recently an amended version of SB 279 passed the Senate unanimously. You can review the bill here.

SB 279 had its House Committee hearing on Tuesday, April 23rd at 10:15am at the Legislative Office Building in Room 302. Though not intentional, it is fitting that this hearing is during National Infertility Awareness Week.

There are many ways to be helpful to the advocacy efforts!

Our recommended first step in the advocacy process is for you to figure out who your own New Hampshire State Representatives are (if you don’t already). No shame if you don’t know their names as lots of people don’t. But now you will. I recommend the NH House website or Common Cause to find their names. The latter site is recommended for people who live in larger cities, and you will see “Find Your Representatives” halfway down their home page.

You can get the contact information for all your Representatives on the NH House webpage.

Please email or call each of your Representatives to let them know why you care about this issue and to ask them to support SB 279. Sample letter is below (which can also be used as phone script). Please BCC me on your emails (kwleblanc@resolvenewengland.org).

Also, even though SB 279 already had its hearing, it is not too late to contact the House Commerce Committee. Simply send an email to HouseCommerceCommittee@leg.state.nh.us, and it will be sent to the whole committee.

Our friends and partners at Fertility Within Reach are with us every step of the way. They have great advice about communicating with legislators on their website!

We have a private Facebook group that we are using to share updates and stay connected. If you have not already, feel free to join this group and/or share with others that may be interested. You also can feel free to email me anytime with questions. Thank you!

Letter template

Dear Representative [Last Name],

(Paragraph 1 – why are you writing to them). Please support SB 279, an Act Relative to Access to Fertility Care.


(Paragraph 2+ – briefly describe your story, with emphasis on financial implications to your family)


(Closing – including a thank you.)



(Your Name)

(Your Home Address)

(Phone Number and/or email address)

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