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Adoption and Oncofertility: Another Option for Cancer Survivors

A recent feature in Cure magazine discusses adoption as another option for cancer survivors who want to build a family. Each patient is unique. The impact of a given treatment on fertility can vary and so can the time available before starting life saving treatments. Patient age, marital status, personal wishes, religious and cultural constraints and prognosis may all affect decision making. While some patients may lose reproductive function as a result of their treatment, third-party reproductive options are available for survivors.  This article explores adoption as one of the many options for patients and gives a better understanding of the adoptive process including costs and potential pitfalls and challenges patients may face. To read the story in its entirety, please click here.

The Oncofertility Consortium wants to ensure that patients, providers, partners, and parents are aware of the many fertility preservation options that exist. In order to aid survivors with the challenges that may arise during the adoptive process, the Oncofertility Consortium conducted a survey of adoption agencies and created a list of cancer friendly adoption agencies. For more information on adoption and cancer-friendly adoption agencies, please visit our website.

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