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Dr. Hayes-Lattin: Insurance Coverage for Fertility Preservation

Screen-Shot-2015-10-12-at-2.19.49-PMDr. Hayes-Lattin gave a stimulating lecture on the status of insurance coverage for fertility preservation and what we can do as healthcare providers, researchers and advocates to allow our patients to receive oncofertility coverage. Up to 60% of cancer survivors are at risk for iatrogenic infertility related to their cancer treatments and concern for infertility is second only to mortality concern among survivors. We learned that Medicaid distinguishes medically-indicated procedures (e.g. fertility preservation in cancer patients) from medically-necessary procedures. Dr. Hayes-Lattin proposed that we combine grassroots movements, company-by-company pitches and pursuit of legislation at the state and/or federal levels to advocate for coverage. He demonstrated that among 1 million insured lives, only 66 reproductive-age patients with cancer who are at risk for infertility will undergo cryopreservation, which would amount to an additional cost per member per month of just 3 cents. Thank you for motivating us to continue efforts to obtain coverage for these patients!

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