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Foundation for Women’s Cancer: Working to Eradicate Reproductive Cancers

This year at American Society of Clinical Oncology Conference we met so many great advocacy groups who are invested in the cancer community whether through programming, research, outreach or education. Often we look to specific groups who specialize in a particular area of cancer care to provide us with information. On this occasion, we happened to meet with a group who does it all – The Foundation for Women’s Cancer, formerly known as the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2011, the Foundation for Women’s Cancer is an organization dedicated to expanding public awareness, education, research and training to improve the prevention, early detection and optimal treatment of gynecologic cancers such as ovarian, cervical and uterine cancer.  This national organization is dedicated to the eradication of all reproductive cancers through three unique programs:  research, awareness and survivorship.

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer has three primary research objectives to positively impact cancer care; their first mission is to support young scientists who are interested in pursuing a dual career path in both research and clinical care. The second is that they provide young scientists with seed money (averaging between $25,000-50,000 per year) to set up laboratories and find governmental funding to expand their research. The third directive is that their research should contribute in new and innovative ways to cancer research and care.

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer focuses on ovarian, cervical and uterine cancers and provides classes for survivors on Saturday’s throughout the nation, led by leading gynecologic oncologists. In these classes, survivors can get the latest information about their particular disease and its effects, including fertility options. Specifically with cervical cancer affecting predominately young women of reproductive age, fertility is an important concern for patients.

To learn more about the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, visit www.foundationforwomenscancer.org. You can also see a list of upcoming Saturday Survivorship courses to find out if  any will be in your area. Finally, on November 6th,  the National Race to End Women’s Cancer fundraising event sponsored by the Foundation for Women’s Cancer will be held in Washington D.C. with all proceeds going to cancer research. Click here to get more information or to register.

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