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SHARE: Support Services for Women Affected By Breast or Ovarian Cancer

Here at the Oncofertility Consortium Blog, it’s important to us that our readers who may be diagnosed with cancer or know someone that is, have a wealth of resources to tap into for support. A cancer diagnosis often leads to questions and concerns throughout the trajectory of the disease. Having organizations and support services readily available can be invaluable to a cancer patient.

One such resource is a long-standing organization founded in the late 70s, called SHARE (Self-Help for Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer). SHARE’s mission is to create and sustain a supportive network and community of women affected by breast or ovarian cancer. SHARE brings women with breast or ovarian cancer and their support network of family and friends, together with survivors to provide participants with the opportunity to receive and exchange information, support, strength and hope. SHARE’s work focuses on empowerment, education and advocacy to bring about better health care, an improved quality of life, and a cure for cancer.

SHARE supports, educates, and empowers people affected by breast or ovarian cancer. The organization helps people face their feelings and fears, communicate effectively with their doctors, and make informed decisions about their health. All of SHARE’s services are free of charge, confidential, and provided by survivors. SHARE’s services include telephone support, educational programs, support groups, and public-health initiatives.

SHARE is managed by survivors helping people affected by breast or ovarian cancer and its support services and educational programs are provided in both English and Spanish. The organization also hosts Pink and Teal Seminars in which people learn about the risks, treatments, and early detection of breast and ovarian cancers from the unique perspective of survivors.

For a list of SHARE’s educational programs, including the support group, Young Women and Breast Cancer: Creating a Family After Cancer Treatment,  please click here. To learn more SHARE and the services they provide, please visit www.sharecancersupport.org.

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