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Tenth Annual Goombay Bash at Navy Pier in Chicago

The H Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money to further the fight against cancer. According to Director Julie Jandris, the foundation was started when two Chicago-based entrepreneurs both had “employees pass away from cancer within one month of each other.” A group of community leaders then decided to “celebrate the loved ones who have passed away from cancer,” by hosting a party to raise money for cancer research, says Jandris. But this wasn’t going to be a stuffy, formal fundraising event. Instead the group decided to hold a Caribbean-themed party inspired by a cocktail called the Goombay Smash and call it the Goombay Bash.

That first party was so successful that the Goombay Bash became an annual event. This weekend is the tenth anniversary of the Goombay Bash, which is held at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL. To keep with the fun theme, the Bash includes an outdoor band, fireworks, and live auction in the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier. According to Jandris, the party will include “new touch pad technology for the auction so everything is really state of the art.”

The Bash will also highlight the work of Dr. Teresa Woodruff and the Oncofertility Consortium with a short movie. Years ago, the H Foundation gave a $20,000 grant for Dr. Woodruff to research new fertility options for cancer patients. The video is “an example of how our money gets parlayed and matched into larger grants,” such as the $21 million that Dr. Woodruff received from the NIH to establish the Oncofertility Consortium.

The fun event occurs from 5pm to midnight on Saturday, August 7 and standing room tickets are still available. Throughout all the festivities, participants can also appreciate the work that they are doing to raise money for cancer research. Jandris reminds up, “Cancer is such a personal disease that no matter who you are and what your background is it somehow affects you.”

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