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Tomorrow’s Virtual Grand Rounds: Case Studies in Oncofertility

Tomorrow, April 11th, we are excited to be hosting Clarisa Gracia, MD, MSCE, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Pennsylvania, for our Virtual Grand Rounds at 10 AM CDT. Her presentation entitled, Case Studies in Oncofertility, will analze indviduals who have undergone fertility preservation following a cancer diagnosis, and the developmental factors related to their decision. Dr. Gracia is also a contributing author in the Oncofertility book series, lending her clinical expertise and experience to the subfield, and she is an integral member of the Oncofertility Consortium. Click here to watch Dr. Gracia present her Virtual Grand Rounds, tomorrow at 10 AM CDT.

For those who are not aware of these special rounds, they are live videoconferences with experts in the fields of reproduction, cancer, and oncofertility. The rounds provide researchers, clinicians, and others the opportunity to hear emerging research findings from anywhere across the globe and participate through a live video chat. Virtual and in-person attendees to the rounds can also receive free continuing medical education (CME) credits by following the instructions here. Within one week of the rounds, a video recording will be posted on the Oncofertility Consortium website and CME credits will be available to online viewers. To read more about receiving education credits from the Oncofertility Consortium, read about the Oncofertility Online program.

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