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ABCIP: Advisory Board on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy

Cancer during pregnancy is rare but has an immense impact on the life of a patient and those around her. Next to that, it leaves a lasting impression on the doctors and paramedics treating the patient. Due to the rarity of a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy, doctors often do not know all possibilities in terms of treatment and preservation of the pregnancy.

The Advisory Board on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy (ABCIP) is a collaboration of different national advisory boards, with an overarching international board to share expertise on the field of cancer and pregnancy, where questions regarding cancer and pregnancy, for example the possibilities of chemotherapy or radiation therapy during pregnancy, or if fertility sparing surgical options are possible for a certain patient, can easily be asked. Various national advisory groups are united here to discuss their recommendations and send it back to the practitioner. Through this fast way of communication, the advisory group can send back a formal letter with recommendations within 4-7 days. More information.

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