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Discussing Oncofertility in Uruguay and the Start of a New Local Network

On June 20th, representatives from the Latin America Oncofertility Global Partners Network met with other reproductive medicine specialists and oncologists at a conference in Uruguay to discuss fertility preservation options for cancer patients and the expasion of the Global Partners Network to Uruguay. Dr. Jhenifer Rodrigues shared her experiences about the event below. Congratulations to the team on their hard work. Networking is vital to the success and growth of the OC and we are so happy to have such strong ambassadors in the field throughout South America!

From Dr. Jhenifer Rodrigues, Founder and Director of the Latin America Oncofertility Global Partners Network

The event “Taller Regional Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay”, organized by the Sociedad Uruguaya de Reproduccion Humana and Red Latinoamercana de Reprodici√≥n Asistida in Montevideo, Uruguay, included discussions on preimplantacional genetic diagnosis, and an entire day dedicated solely to a discussion about Oncofertility.

Dr. Jhenifer Rodrigues, leader of the Latin America Oncofertility Network – Oncofertility Consortium, gave a talk entitled “Impact of anti-cancer treatments on fertility and established and experimental techniques for fertility preservation in cancer patients”, and helped connect many professionals for a start of a local oncofertility network in Uruguay, which will be lead by Dr. Dana Kimelman.

Dr. Guillermo Terrado, a representative of a center in Argentina and member of the Latin America Oncofertility Network also gave a talk about “Therapeutic strategies and ovarian stimulation for fertility preservation in oncological patients”.

Dr. Dana Kimelman, leader of the new oncofertility network in Uruguay, is from Uruguay, and is a gynecologist. She is earning a masters degree and is specializing in Oncofertility, at Northwestern University, in Chicago, IL, and will be helping colleagues from her country to find the best practices in the field.

If you are interested in to be part of the Oncofertility Global Partners Network in Uruguay and Latin America Oncofertility Network, please contact Dr. Dana (dana@northwestern.edu) and Dr. Jhenifer (jhenifer.kr@invitroconsultoria.com.br).

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