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Oncofertility joins the AAMC Steering Committee on Women in Medicine and Science

Congratulations are in order for Kate Waimey Timmerman, PhD, who was just named by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) to the Women in Medicine and Science Steering Committee (GWIMS).  This appointment is an important step for Dr. Timmerman as well as the Oncofertility Consortium as it provides her with the opportunity to advocate for sex and gender equity in health and medicine nationally.

In 2009, the AAMC’s Board of Directors approved the creation of the GWIMS. This committee serves as a national forum for the advancement of women’s success in medicine and science by addressing gender equity, career advancement, awards and recognition, and recruitment and retention. The committee does this through advocacy, collaboration, fact-finding, and the development of initiatives, programs, and networking opportunities. GWIMS also supports women faculty in their development and implementation of institutional policies and professional development activities.

The GWIMS steering committee meets twice a year and provides additional networking opportunities at the AAMC Annual Meeting and the Early and Mid-Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminars. According to Elizabeth Coakley, Director of GWIMS, “In order to address the growing number of gender-related issues in academic medicine, academic medical centers need visionary representatives who understand the complex responsibilities for women leaders.”

Dr. Timmerman is thrilled with her new appointment adding this new post to her repository of work promoting women in medicine and science. She states, “I am a great believer in collaborative approaches to problem solving and enjoy building relationships with like-minded individuals and groups for similar causes such as women’s education in science and medicine.” Congratulations Dr. Timmerman, we are very excited to see where this road takes you!

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