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This is Infertility x The Oncofertility Consortium

Kristin N SmithKristin Smith, the Oncofertility Consortium’s esteemed patient navigator, was recently featured on the final episode of the This Is Infertility podcast to discuss her role as a patient navigator. Here is some more information about the episode:

Oncofertility Series – Part 4 of 4. Kristin Smith is the Program Manager for Fertility Preservation at Northwestern Medicine and the Oncofertility Consortium. In the final episode of our oncofertility series, we hear how Kristin helps patients navigate their treatment between their oncology team and their reproductive endocrinology team. Today’s host is Lissa Kline, VP of Provider and Member Services at Progyny. 

Guests include: Kristin Smith from Northwestern Medicine, Dr. Janet Choi from CCRM New York, and Dr. Jennifer Levine, from Alliance for Fertility Preservation and Weill Cornell Medicine.

Click here to listen to the full episode featuring Kristin Smith.

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