Onkofertilite Turkiye,  established in 2010 as a non-profit organization by professional medical infertility experts has been supported by Jinemed IVF Group, Turkey . Onkofertilite Turkiye, is pioneer for oncology and infertility experts working together to preserve  fertility  of patients who suffers from cancer or other severe medical diseases. Meanwhile, we aim to draw attention of the community 's awareness and sensitivity about Oncofertility.

Aims of Onkofertilite Turkiye:

* To explain and plan fertility preservation options individualized for the oncology patients who will undergo different therapies such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

* To explain the importance and necessity of oncofertility therapy to the physicians practising in the different field of medicine and having cancer patients.

* To make scientific studies about oncofertility and fertility preservation and to share these with other international oncofertility institutions and centers.

Since it is important for patients and providers to received information in their native language, Dr. Ayse Arvas has worked on translating the SaveMyFertility resources to Turkish. 

Fertility Preservation for Children Diagnosed with Cancer - 
Kanser Teşhisi Gören Çocuklar İçin Doğurganlık Koruma

Children and Cancer -  Preservation of Your Child's Fertility and Healthy Adolescence - Çocuklar ve Kanser - Çocuğunuzun Doğurganlığının ve Sağlıklı Ergenlik Çağının Korunması

Fertility Preservation for Men Diagnosed with Cancer - Kanser Teşhisi Gören Erkekler İçin Doğurganlık Koruma

Men and Cancer - Preserving Fertility and Managing Hormonal Symptoms - Erkekler ve Kanser - Doğurganlığın Korunması ve Hormonal Belirtilerin Yönetim

Fertility Preservation for Women Diagnosed with Cancer - Kanser Teşhisi Gören Kadınlar İçin Doğurganlık Koruma

Women and Cancer - Control of Hormonal Symptoms - Kadınlar ve Kanser - Hormonsal Semptomların Kontrol Edilmesi

Women and Cancer - Preservation of Fertility - Kadınlar ve Kanser - Doğurganlığın Korunması

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  • Not sex-specific


Onkofertilite Turkiye

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