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Oncofertility 101: A New Course in Emerging Fertility Preservation Techniques

By: Francesca Duncan -
Categories: Blog, Fertility Preservation, Oncofertility, Research
By Francesca Duncan Most cancer therapies, while life-preserving, can threaten the future fertility of both males and females.  Fortunately, the menu of fertility preservation options is broad, and due to ongoing research efforts through the Oncofertility Consortium and around the globe, these options are ever-expanding. …
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Oncofertility: Training the Next Generation of Physician Researchers

By: Oncofertility Admin -
Categories: Blog, Fertility Preservation, Research
Cristina Thomas (top) with her mentors in the Woodruff Lab, Candace Tingen, PhD, and Min Xu, PhD. Cristina Thomas is like many young students at Northwestern University. She spends her time studying, participating in school activities, and having fun with her friends. In addition to…
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NIH Oncofertility News Release

By: Oncofertility Admin -
Categories: Blog, Fertility Preservation, In the news, Oncofertility, Research
Today the National Institutes of Health published a news released based on an article about Oncofertility research from the journal Human Reproduction “In vitro grown human ovarian follicles from cancer patients support oocyte growth” by Min Xu, Susan Barrett, Erin West-Farrell, Laxmi Kondapalli, Sarah Kiesewetter, Lonnie…
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Marina Peluffo wins Abstract Award from ISIVF

By: Oncofertility Admin -
Categories: Blog, Conferences, Fertility Preservation, In the news, Meetings, Oncofertility, Research
Marina Peluffo and Teresa Woodruff stand in front of the abstract poster Peluffo won an award for at the 15th World Congress on IVF in Geneva, Switzerland in April 2009. Marina Peluffo, an Oncofertility Consortium member from Portland, Oregon, won an award for her poster abstract “Cumulus Oocyte Complexes…
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What is the purpose of the Oncofertility Consortium?

Author image - Teresa K Woodruff, PhD By: Teresa K Woodruff, PhD -
Categories: Blog, Fertility Preservation, General, Oncofertility, Research
Cancer is now a disease with a variety of treatment options, which are leading to longer and more productive lives by survivors. Globally, there are 10 million people diagnosed with cancer.  10% of these newly diagnosed men and women are under the age of 45…
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