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Submission Open: AOGS Special Issue on Cancer During Pregnancy

Categories: News
Currently, Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica (AOGS) is preparing a Theme Issue on CANCER DURING PREGNANCY to communicate recent advances and emerging new knowledge in basic and clinical science related to pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of cancer during pregnancy. AOGS would like to invite the researchers with a special interest in…
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Estimates of Young Breast Cancer Survivors at Risk for Infertility in the U.S.

By: Allison Goetsch -
Categories: Blog, Cancer, Oncofertility, Research
Gonadotoxic therapies, such as chemotherapy, used to treat breast cancer can have harmful effects on fertility- they destroy ovarian follicles, or women’s reserve of ova, resulting in amenorrhea and/or early menopause. Additionally, many endocrine therapies used to treat breast cancer have indirect effects on fertility,…
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Managing Pregnancy After a Cancer Diagnosis

By: Oncofertility Admin -
Categories: Blog, Cancer, Education, Fertility Preservation, Oncofertility
Cancer during pregnancy is rare, occurring in approximately one out of every 1,000 pregnancies, with breast cancer being the most commonly diagnosed. In the past, both healthcare providers and women were often unclear about how to proceed with a pregnancy after a cancer diagnosis without…
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